Nature as co-therapist

Following on from my last blog post - What do we mean by "Nature"? - I wanted to explore the relatedness of nature and my therapeutic approach. I describe my counselling approach as "nature-inspired". I draw inspiration from the cycles and systems and ways of being that I observe in nature, and integrate this with… Continue reading Nature as co-therapist

What do we mean by “Nature”?

"Nature" is a central thread to my therapeutic work, and my therapeutic work aims to tend to the health of our psyche, our way of being, our mental world, our emotional experience and how we navigate life. So, approaching Mental Health Awareness Week (10th - 16th May) with this year's theme being 'Nature', rustled my… Continue reading What do we mean by “Nature”?

How we experience our journey

This year, I set off in the direction of deepening my relationship with nature. I phrase it like that because, as I have got to know myself, I have realised that intentions and goal setting are rarely fruitful for me. I like the freedom that heading in a direction brings, the unknown able to unfold… Continue reading How we experience our journey

Being in the here and now; a bittersweet paradox

In counselling, we often approach our work from a place of trying to understanding and accept the here and now experience. But being truly present can be a lot harder than it sounds - what does it mean, and how do we know we are doing it? Last weekend, I spent 3 days walking in… Continue reading Being in the here and now; a bittersweet paradox