Spiralling; the ebb and flow of living

I've been drawn to spirals, to kin that open and close lately. To ferns that coil themselves tightly when it's dark, and unfurl and bask in the light. To snail shells that spiral and protect, that enable the mollusc to reach out when it is safe to do so, and retract back when there is… Continue reading Spiralling; the ebb and flow of living

Disconnection and desperation

The individual sacrifices and efforts for our collective wellbeing are bringing out some beautiful opportunities for creativity, compassion and solidarity. And hopefully a stronger, more fair, more cooperative society will result. Alongside that, there is also acute pain and trauma stemming from the disconnection. This includes being unable to be with the people we love… Continue reading Disconnection and desperation

Let’s talk about death and dying

That's just what we did today at our first Faversham Death Café. Tea, cake and conversation In a cosy wooden cabin at the welcoming Abbey Physic Community Garden, with a plentiful supply of tea, delicious homemade vegan cake and an unexpected abundance of snacks, a group a strangers gathered and talked about death and dying.… Continue reading Let’s talk about death and dying