What’s your internal weather report?

For the past few days, whilst driving I've noticed the beautiful contrast of the clouds against bright blue sky. I wanted to photograph them to share with you, along with a mindfulness technique I was introduced to by Simone at Sati Yoga; a way of bringing your attention to how you are feeling right now,… Continue reading What’s your internal weather report?

What does an integrative counsellor do?

A treasure trove of antique and restored tools at Old English Tools, Standard Quay, Faversham I recently published an article on Counselling Directory, describing how I view Integrative Counselling as a craft. Read the full article here. Integrative Counselling means bringing together different ways of counselling to best achieve the outcomes you want from therapy.… Continue reading What does an integrative counsellor do?

No way out?

Labyrinth Feeling like there's no way through or out? Overwhelmed? Lost all hope of things getting better? Wondering if the people you care about would be better off without you? Do you just want the pain to stop? Make your next step a step towards talking to someone about how you feel. There is always… Continue reading No way out?


It's that time of year when everyone is talking about change. While some of us embrace and thrive in the growth and excitement that change can bring, others of us find it scary, confusing and unsettling.  Falling leaves Children and young people are returning or starting school/university, parents of those children are adjusting to their… Continue reading Transitions

Self-care – what does it really mean?

Andre Spicer, professor of organisational behaviour at the Cass Business School and journalist for The Guardian, writes a lot of opinion articles that I can get behind. From calling out the constant quest for excellence as damaging and suggesting we embrace being good enough, to championing a 4 day week and flexible working patterns as… Continue reading Self-care – what does it really mean?

Where I am listed (and where you can find other counsellors)

It might not seem like great business-sense for me to tell you where you can find other counsellors listed, but it does make ethical sense. There are many counsellors and different types of counselling available so you can afford to be choosy - this is someone you will be sharing deeply personal and difficult thoughts… Continue reading Where I am listed (and where you can find other counsellors)