Our reflection and beneath

The counselling journey brings us to our own reflection. How do we see ourselves? What do we believe others’ perception of us is?

We are then invited to question that surface image and look deeper.

What we see on the surface is made up from what is beneath and what is reflected from the world and others external to us. How much of each is shown outwardly to others? What do you see in other people?

Think you know what is beneath your surface?

Counselling can also stir that up. Part of the therapeutic process can feel like everything you thought you knew about yourself has been shaken up and unsettled. This can feel scary, unknown, disorientating, liberating or a relief. Having a trusting and strong therapeutic relationship is important in providing a safe place to gain non-judgemental support and explore this experience.

It enables you to look more fully at the different parts of yourself; your beliefs, experiences, defenses, feelings; before these parts of you begin to settle again. Perhaps in the same place, perhaps differently… Perhaps you feel you don’t need certain parts of you any more. Perhaps you realise you have been missing something.

This process is why I believe you have your own answers within you. It’s one reason why I believe counselling can be so beneficial when we feel stuck in life; with feelings, with thoughts, with relationships and life patterns.

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