What’s your internal weather report?

For the past few days, whilst driving I’ve noticed the beautiful contrast of the clouds against bright blue sky. I wanted to photograph them to share with you, along with a mindfulness technique I was introduced to by Simone at Sati Yoga; a way of bringing your attention to how you are feeling right now, and noticing and accepting that as you are. But I couldn’t take the photo because I was driving, and the moment passed.

Today, I find myself with the time to take a photo of the sky, and am frustrated and disappointed that it doesn’t look how I want it to. There is no visible blue sky and no seeming definition to the clouds. Yet, I am determined to share with you the idea of paying attention to your own internal weather – do you feel stormy? Calm, still and with a refreshing breeze? Is the sun shining? Are there grey clouds on the horizon?

So, I not only have the technique of checking your own internal weather to share, but we also have the idea that sometimes we don’t like how our weather looks. Sometimes we wish we felt different, it frustrates us that it is how it is. Perhaps we only share our internal weather with others when it is a particular weather? Why does some weather feel acceptable or attractive to share and not others? Do we filter our weather when we do share it? (I tried a few filters on this image to make it look more “engaging, attractive and inspiring” before settling on unfiltered and acceptable just as it is). Do we even sometimes filter our own weather from ourselves? Can finding a different view point change how we perceive our feelings?

What is your internal weather report right now?  

One of my favourite spots for reflection. The fence, hedge and tree frame the sky and horizon perfectly.

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