It’s that time of year when everyone is talking about change. While some of us embrace and thrive in the growth and excitement that change can bring, others of us find it scary, confusing and unsettling. 

Falling leaves

Children and young people are returning or starting school/university, parents of those children are adjusting to their children not being at home so much. September might mean a new job, or preparations for the Christmas period. Or maybe the shortening days and the cooler weather are affecting your mood.

Perhaps the uncertainty or loneliness that a new place or lifestyle can bring is challenging you to lean on unhealthy or harmful means of coping that you are trying to avoid.

If you need a little support through a transition, counselling could help you to talk through your fears, anxieties and work with you to find ways to cope that work for you.

I work with adults and young people aged 16+. If you’d like to book a free initial session to discuss whether counselling is right for you, do get in touch (link in bio)

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