Where I am listed (and where you can find other counsellors)

It might not seem like great business-sense for me to tell you where you can find other counsellors listed, but it does make ethical sense. There are many counsellors and different types of counselling available so you can afford to be choosy – this is someone you will be sharing deeply personal and difficult thoughts and feelings with. Finding a counsellor you click with is a great start in successful therapy. This is why I offer a free initial session so we can talk about your reasons for seeking counselling and find out if we can work together.

There are a huge number of ways that people can train and qualify as a counsellor – from online courses, degrees and diplomas. In fact, as it is not a regulated profession (yet) anyone can set up as a counsellor, regardless of having any training or qualification.

I take your safety as a client extremely seriously. As a member of the National Counselling Society, you can be assured that I am qualified and competent. As a member, I follow their Code of Ethics which is publicly available to read.

All of the following directories ensure that the counsellors listed hold professional memberships and are adhering to Ethical Codes of Practice.

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