Starting the Conversation with Mates in Mind

In 2017 in the UK, men were three times more likely to die by suicide than women, with men aged 45 to 49 having the highest rate of death by suicide. (Samaritans)

Stigma around mental and emotional health still exists, particularly for men who are surrounded by messages such as “man up”, “boys don’t cry”, “it’s weak to cry”, “you’ve got to be the strong one”… It is then no wonder that people feel unable to talk about how they feel or seek help.

Thankfully, in 2017 the suicide rate for men was the lowest in 30 years. So things are slowly changing thanks to campaigns such as Time to Talk and Time to Change and industry backed initiatives including Mates in Mind.

As an Accredited Member of the The National Counselling Society, I offer reduced fixed rate counselling for construction workers linked to the Mates in Mind programme. Check out their Counselling Directory to find details about the counselling I offer, along with a diverse range of other qualified counsellors also signed up to the programme.…/counselling-a…/

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